Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Retrieve Tabs

Making it easy for your dog to retrieve smaller everyday items, like cell phones.  Lessening the  damage to delicate equipment-pressing buttons-and extreme wetness that comes from being in the dogs mouth.

These five inch nylon tabs are the perfect little carry strap.

The Retrieve Tab creates a target for an assigned item.  Then it becomes an easy to grab and carry tab.  Dogs are usually more willing to retrieve and carry odd shaped and metal items with a tab.

As an added bonus, you get less damage, less teeth marks, and less slobber.

The Retrieve Tab is made from 3/4" nylon webbing.   A d-ring on one end and a three layer knot sewn in at the other end.

Hang the tab on the outside off a pocket, case, or purse so that you or the dog have easy access.

I have seen them attached to many items; cordless phones, TV remotes, crutch's, drawers, cabinet doors, keys, and more uses appear every day.

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