Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lever action Door Sleeve

If you have a dog that can open doors, you probably have had some issues connecting your door pull or strap.  There is a very simple solution to this, I developed the Handle Sleeve this year and is working beyond my expectations.   With all the different devices I have made over 19 years, this is so simple, I should have come up with it sooner.  The sleeve slides over most lever door handles and secures to the base with double sided Velcro.  On the end on the sleeve there is a D-ring for attaching your pull strap.  Because it goes on so easily, it makes it very portable.  You can use them no matter were you go: friends homes, work, hotels, or just about anywhere that has lever handles.  So-try them and share this item with others that could benefit. I have them available on my site  Let me know what you think.  I will get better pictures soon and maybe a video of them being used.


  1. Pam--you can find these sleeves and the straps at Thank you for inquiring, come back later and tell us what you think.

  2. Apryl Lea shared your link the other day, and I really like your lever door pull. I only work with my own dogs, in home, with tricks, etc., but we have lever doors and this will be great for us to finally be able to teach this to them.

    I also like the retrieve tabs. How do you attach these to items like remote controls and cell phones?

  3. Good to hear from you. There is not any blanket answer as how to attach the retrieving tabs but there are a few helpful thoughts. Many cell phones are equipped with a way to attach a wrist strap, a hole or a plastic loop to thread a light nylon string through with the knot as the anchor. This used to be standard on all phones but I have seen the trend away from that. The other is the case, again, there may be a place to attach a strap on it. Keys are easy (they already have a loop). Cordless phones and remotes are harder because they do not have an attaching point. What I have done and find works well, at any hardware center you can find fiber stranded tape (tape with strands of fiber for strength). Wrap it around your cordless phone or remote (as long as it does not interfere with button pushing or battery replacement) with some kind of loop or D-ring to attach the string. I found a holster type case years ago at best buy, I take my phone in that when I work in the garden but I would imagine it would also work for carrying a phone or remote. Many cordless phones come with a plastic belt clip attachment, this also makes a great point to attach to. Having the target(tab) for the dog is great, the attaching part may take a little thought. Let me know how make out. I hope this helps you and other readers with the same question.