Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Retrieve Tabs

Making it easy for your dog to retrieve smaller everyday items, like cell phones.  Lessening the  damage to delicate equipment-pressing buttons-and extreme wetness that comes from being in the dogs mouth.

These five inch nylon tabs are the perfect little carry strap.

The Retrieve Tab creates a target for an assigned item.  Then it becomes an easy to grab and carry tab.  Dogs are usually more willing to retrieve and carry odd shaped and metal items with a tab.

As an added bonus, you get less damage, less teeth marks, and less slobber.

The Retrieve Tab is made from 3/4" nylon webbing.   A d-ring on one end and a three layer knot sewn in at the other end.

Hang the tab on the outside off a pocket, case, or purse so that you or the dog have easy access.

I have seen them attached to many items; cordless phones, TV remotes, crutch's, drawers, cabinet doors, keys, and more uses appear every day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sit to Stand

If you get stuck sometimes either in a laying down position or cant get from a sitting position to a standing.  There are some easy fixes, if your dog can be encouraged to pull.  One of the easiest tools to use is called a double pull.  You grab one end and the dog grabs the other.  Of coarse this is only an assist, do not expect the dog to do all the work.  I have found a dog tug toy, Figure 8 Rope Toy, that works the best as far as giving both participants a good hold.  The cotton rope is gentle on dogs teeth and on your hands.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lever action Door Sleeve

If you have a dog that can open doors, you probably have had some issues connecting your door pull or strap.  There is a very simple solution to this, I developed the Handle Sleeve this year and is working beyond my expectations.   With all the different devices I have made over 19 years, this is so simple, I should have come up with it sooner.  The sleeve slides over most lever door handles and secures to the base with double sided Velcro.  On the end on the sleeve there is a D-ring for attaching your pull strap.  Because it goes on so easily, it makes it very portable.  You can use them no matter were you go: friends homes, work, hotels, or just about anywhere that has lever handles.  So-try them and share this item with others that could benefit. I have them available on my site  Let me know what you think.  I will get better pictures soon and maybe a video of them being used.